Warm Homes for Healing

When the Interior Alaska Cancer Association applied for funding for fuel grants for Fairbanksans undergoing cancer treatment, they requested $2700 – well, we at O2C felt we could double that and set out to raise $5,400. By August 23rd our monthly donors had contributed $3,510 when the beautiful residents and our friends at Raven Landing Senior Community Center hosted a karaoke fundraiser that brought in $2,681 in one evening of singing and spaghetti!!! Warm Homes for Healing was over-funded when we approached Alaska Fuel Services and as soon as they learned about our project they donated $1500 and then found a $1500 match for their donation from Geohorn LLC!

The total raised for Warm Homes For Healing was $9,191 – and every penny will provide warmth and some relief for our beloved neighbors undergoing cancer treatment in Fairbanks.

This was truly a community effort! Thank you Fairbanks, Alaska

Special Thanks to our monthly donors as always, you are the heart and soul of O2C!  Thank you to The Interior Alaska Cancer Association for the work you do to support our beloved neighbors in Fairbanks who are fighting cancer and fighting for their lives.  Thank you to Raven Landing Residents, who enabled O2C to deliver almost DOUBLE our goal – you sang your hearts out for a great cause and we appreciate you so very much!  Thank you to Alaska Fuel Services and Geohorn LLC for giving so readily and so generously!

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