Community Garden Shed

This project seeks to help fund an outdoor shed to store garden equipment


Cami Caspari, Community Garden Coordinator

Shed Pricing

The Bread Line is a non-profit, anti-hunger program that feeds hot, nutritious meals to Fairbanks, Alaska's most vulnerable community members. The Stone Soup Community Garden is a Bread Line program that grows and harvests fresh produce to be served to hungry guests at our Stone Soup Cafe. We are requesting funds to purchase a storage shed for our garden tools and supplies. The Bread Line hosts all four of its programs under one roof and space is limited as we have to prioritize storage placement for food donations. The Community Garden is across the street from our building and we would like to safely store the heavy operating tools we use for the garden, on site.

What is your non-profit's role in the community?
 The Bread Line is a non-profit anti-hunger organization that provides hot and nutritious food for Fairbanks residents who struggle with hunger. We address the problems of hunger with empathy, holistic action and with strong position that everyone deserves the right to food. Our role in the community is to feed hungry people and treat each and everyone of our guests with dignity and respect.
What population(s) are you serving?
 The Bread Line serves a population consisting of people struggling with hunger. Our guests have to navigate multiple barriers of poverty – which include homelessness, mental health and substance abuse.
How will this project enrich your organization?
 Our Stone Soup Community Garden program grows and harvests fresh produce that is then used in our Stone Soup Cafe. The Community Garden is a volunteer run program – with generous community members signing up for specific days to water or clean up the garden. We are in need of an outdoor shed to store our garden equipment. Funding this shed will allow our volunteers to access needed equipment on days that they volunteer. This shed also provides the needed space for specific garden project materials and allows for safe storage.
Why is the mission of the non-profit you serve important to you personally?
 The Bread Line is one of only five places in Fairbanks, Alaska that people struggling with hunger can access a hot meal. It is also the only organization that will serve guests even if they are inebriated. The Bread Line takes a strong position that everyone deserves the right to food and values inclusiveness, community collaboration, nourishment and empathy. The mission is important to me because I share the same values and I am proud to work with a team that operates from a trauma informed care.
What are regular needs your organization works to regularly meet?
 Other needs that the Bread Line works to regularly meet include food and monetary sustainability. 75 percent of our operations are from the kindness of individual and corporate donors. The Bread Line values community helping community and we are always open to receiving any and all types of donations.

Total cost of project: $3,000.00

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Total cost of project: $3,000.00