Meet The Board

Grace Wilson

Founder & President

Grace is a mother, wife, local business owner and life-long resident of Fairbanks, Alaska.  Grace acknowledges her strong biases, but believes that Fairbanks is home to some of the most generous, talented, exceptional individuals anywhere, who have a heart to deepen local connections, share love and support, and offer their time and talent freely.  Our volunteer board of directors is a micro-example of this and she believes Our 2 Cents will be a powerful vehicle for local change. 

Lacy Birklid-Simko

Vice President

Coming from an expansive Fairbanks family, Lacy Birklid Simko understands how connections within a community can have a large impact on one's well-being. From keeping a member engaged and active through public events to supporting someone during a time of tragedy or struggle, a community acts as a family. Building relationships among members has helped shape who she is and she would love to share that joy with the Fairbanks community.

Amanda Tweed


Amanda Tweed has lived in Fairbanks for over 20 years. Through the ups and downs of life, Fairbanks has been incredibly welcoming and supportive.  Amanda jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this non-profit organization because she cares deeply about enriching the community that her children are growing up in. She enjoys volunteering in her children’s school and in her church and looks forward to all of the opportunities this organization will offer to become even more involved with local philanthropic organizations.

Jane Gibson


Jane Gibson is a long-time 35 year resident of Fairbanks. She is a married mother of four grown children and five grandchildren, all of whom reside in the Fairbanks area.  She is an alumni of the University of Alaska Fairbanks holding a B.S in Biological Sciences and an MBA with emphasis in General Management. Jane works as the Interior Area Director for the USDA Rural Development Agency in Fairbanks. She loves Alaska and the Fairbanks area and is dedicated to working to improve the lives of individuals and communities in rural Alaska.

Taryn Hughes

Community Outreach Coordinator

Taryn Hughes has been a proud interior Alaska resident for a combined 26 years. She lives in Fairbanks with her husband and 4 daughters, and enjoys collaborating and communicating with the colorful and resilient Fairbanks population. Her volunteer work includes fundraising, event coordination, and community outreach. Through her employment history with Downtown Association of Fairbanks and Guardian Flight Alaska, Taryn has developed a deeper understanding of the specific needs of Fairbanks' vulnerable populations, and she is grateful for the shared vision of Our 2 Cents in the quest to help meet the needs of local small non-profits.