Indoor Garden for the Pioneer Home

On April 6th, a group of some of Our 2 Cents Fairbanks Inc.’s littlest volunteers gathered to deliver, assemble, and plant an indoor garden for the residents of The Fairbanks Pioneer Home!  The 6.7ft x 3.3ft raised bed was filled with basil, oregano, thyme, parsley, lemon balm, marigolds, pansies and more!

This project received an extremely generous gift from the residents of Raven Landing, who raised so much money for Our 2 Cents Fairbanks, that we were able to go above and beyond for The Pioneer Home.  In addition to the Indoor Garden, we were able to deliver $633 worth of toiletries and fresh flowers to residents!
One of the most important parts of our mission at Our 2 Cents, is to encourage rich and lasting community connectedness.  You can contact The Fairbanks Pioneer Home to inquire about their activities schedule and how you could become involved!  Our beautiful elders are a wealth of wisdom and have a lifetime of stories to share – my family will be making it a tradition throughout the summer (when the kids are out of school) to attend Ladies Coffee on Tuesdays to deliver flowers and spend an hour listening and chatting.
-Grace Wilson, Founder Our 2 Cents Fairbanks Inc.

Thanks to our friends at Raven Landing!

More about this project …
The Fairbanks Pioneer Home opened its doors and began serving the elders of Fairbanks in 1967. Since opening, the Fairbanks Pioneer Home has stood as a pillar of our community dedicated to providing quality care to the elders of Alaska. As an Eden certified home the Fairbanks Pioneer Home takes great care to incorporate meaningful interaction, plants and animals to foster and support an environment rich in growth. Incorporating tasks into the elder’s lives that provide a meaningful purpose is fundamental to the Eden philosophy. At the Fairbanks Pioneer Home elders take great pride and joy in the annual planting, gardening and harvest activities. For our elders gardening is paramount to the Eden philosophy and also to encouraging meaningful activities.
This community project provided a 6.7ft x 3.3ft raised Garden Bed Kit made by Vegepod, a large stand, two 3ft LED lights, 16 cubic feet of soil and all the starter plants the residents will need to get started!  All products, soil, and plants were purchased locally at Holm Town Nursery.

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