Helping Women. Period.

“No one should ever have to choose between nutrition or menstrual hygiene. Could you imagine having to make that choice? It’s a reality for more people than we realize. 73,000 Alaska residents live in poverty and the harsh reality is that basic needs like a warm meal or safe shelter is difficult or at times, impossible to access. Add to this reality – tampons and pads are expensive and inaccessible. Menstrual products are a BASIC need and it is important that we help people access menstrual products and eliminate stigmas attached to menstruation!” -Heather Warren, Breadline Inc./Stone Soup Cafe

On October 26th, O2C delivered 17,000 tampons and pads to local agencies (IAC, Stone Soup Cafe, The Fairbanks Rescue Mission, and The Door) where they would be made available for free to women who need them.  Menstrual Hygiene products are a basic need and a regular need – they’re also expensive and are not often donated to local shelters. We believe that every woman should have access to these products and that a woman’s period shouldn’t be shameful or embarrassing.  We hope to repeat this project every year and we also hope that we’ve inspired some of our donors and fellow Fairbanksans to buy an extra box (or 10!) of tampons or pads and drop them off to an agency in Fairbanks today!

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