Fairbanks Children’s Museum – Core Mission Support

On March 22nd, Our 2 Cents Fairbanks Inc. delivered a $2,500 check to The Fairbanks Children’s Museum to support their operating budget or ‘core mission support’, specifically to fund 1 months salary for a museum educator.  The children who launched this fundraising effort with their November 2018 event, Cocoa For a Cause, were all there to deliver this gift from the Fairbanks Community.  The Fairbanks Children’s Museum has become an indispensable part of Fairbanks and O2C is proud to support their mission of inspiring children and families through the power of play!
The Fairbanks Children’s Museum is a non profit organization and unique resource in our community.  In 2017, FCM’s total attendance was 41,126 people!  Through exhibits and programmings, all young children are invited to learn through playful experiences. These programs and experiences only are made possible with the hard work of museum educators. These talented educators are dedicated to the mission of the museum: connecting and inspiring families through discovery and the power of play. Museum educators play a key role in designing, planning, preparing for, and facilitating programs. Educators keep the exhibits clean and working, and even sometimes create new exhibits!  Educators keep the museum tidy and sanitary and are always happy to help parents and caregivers in working with their children. Without them, the museum wouldn’t work.

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