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When we started Our 2 Cents Fairbanks Inc, myself and our board of directors had no idea what to expect in terms of how fast we could fund each community project.  Needless to say, it was a huge and happy surprise to have fully funded our first project in exactly 16 days from the day we publicly launched our brand new Fairbanks non profit.  This was made possible by the love, support, and enthusiasm of our first monthly donors, one time donors, and by the matching funds that Pogo Mine provided. A big bold THANK YOU to every individual who has contributed to this projects delivery, $3,500 of diapers and pull-ups in all sizes and a ton of wipes too, for the residents of The Interior Alaska Center For Non Violent Living.  Your continued support and enthusiasm has already enabled us to deliver another project (blog post coming soon).  Our 2 Cents is 100% grassroots, so if you love what we’re doing together, tell your friends!  We’re on our way to becoming an organization that will be able to deliver one community project EVERY month because of your monthly donations – but it’s a marathon not a sprint, and we’ve got a ways to run before we reach that awesome goal.

I would also like to thank the team at Date-Line Digital Printing for sponsoring O2C’s booth at the Midnight Sun Festival, Lindsay Saunders for taking the time out of her busy summer to shoot this lovely short film documenting this projects’ delivery for our donors, the donors and volunteers who helped us deliver this project, and Jenni Warren of Warweb Designs, LLC for being the best web designer in Alaska and one of my favorite humans.

Thank you, thank you!

-Grace Wilson
“The real revolutionary is always close enough to the people to be there for them when they’re needed.” -Alice Walker

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