Art at the Garden

In September O2C fully funded one small portion of Somer Hahm’s awesome community art project, The Far North Quilt Trail Project, by providing funding for 2 painted quilts that will be at The Fairbanks Community Garden.  We are so happy to support this inspiring Fairbanks artist in her endeavor to strengthen community connections while beautifying our city.
Please follow The Far North Quilt Trail Project online on Facebook and Instagram @thefarnorthquilttrailproject and look for an updated database of barn quilts in our community at
Read more about The Far North Quilt Project from Somer …

“A brief explanation of this relatively new folk art movement: barn quilts originated in Ohio in 2001, and have grown exponentially in popularity. These large, bold, geometric paintings placed on the sides of barns, businesses and other buildings are now found nationwide. Many barn quilts linked together in one area is known as a quilt trail. These self-guided touring trails positively impact both urban and rural areas in a myriad of ways by bringing attention to significant architecture, honoring familial heritage, and creating commerce in communities by ushering interest and tourism to the area.

Alaska’s first quilt trail is commencing right here in the Fairbanks North Star Borough. The Far North Quilt Trail Project will be a community wide endeavor that will establish a distinctly unique quilt trail, instilling local pride with each piece installed. TFNQTP has the capacity to reach a broad range of individuals and will bring people of all ages, backgrounds, and disciplines together in a celebration of local history and culture, while simultaneously creating lasting partnerships between artists, enthusiasts and organizations within our community.”

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