Pumpkins For A Purpose

Pumpkins For A Purpose

This year, Grace Wilson, Our 2 Cents Fairbanks’ board president, decided to combine two of her passions: growing pumpkins and fundraising!

Grace grew 85 delicious sugar pumpkins this season and has spent the past five years sneaking pumpkin into every fall-time recipe imaginable.

Make a donation to receive one large sugar pumpkin and a recipe book featuring her top 10 favorite pumpkin dishes.

100% of the proceeds from this project will help to fight food insecurity in Fairbanks. Donations will be split between The Stone Soup Café and Fairbanks Community Food Bank.

Suggested donation: $20

Pumpkin Pick-up: Noon-3pm on Sunday, October 1 at Stone Soup Café

A note from Grace: There's a certain point in the year when I holler sweetly to my kids, "dinner's ready!" and they grumble back, nearly in unison and dripping with a cynical, culinary weariness that can only come from being tricked into eating a thousand pounds of squash in their young lives, "but does it have pumpkin in it?"

Even my poor, darling teens love the ten recipes featured in the mini cookbook you'll receive when you support Pumpkins For A Purpose!

And remember, for every sugar pumpkin you purchase, you're not only helping to feed Fairbanks by supporting Stone Soup Cafe and the Food Bank...you're allowing me to answer, truthfully, "fear not children, there's no pumpkin on your pizza tonight!"