Local artist Somer Hahm will be commissioned to create two garden signs to hang above the Fairbanks Community Garden’s perennial beds. Somer is an established visual artist in Fairbanks. These welcoming signs will be part of her Far North Quilt Trail Project. Her painted quilts will go up around our community and create a “quilt trail”. The idea is to simultaneously beautify Fairbanks with public art, bring attention to architecture, honor familial heritage, and connect our wonderful town with this inherently American folk art movement. The signs will identify the area as the Fairbanks Community Garden and replace 25 year old signs that are no longer usable.
Total Cost of Project: $600.00

More about the Fairbanks Community Garden, a Fairbanks non profit founded in 1984: It is the goal of the Fairbanks Community Garden to enable as many people to garden each year by providing safe, accessible garden plots for a low cost fee. Since 1984 we have provided garden space in Hamilton Park, a Fairbanks North Star Borough park near downtown Fairbanks. The Garden supports the users with tools and services such as shovels and hoes, water, sanitation facilities and moose fencing to help guarantee a successful outcome. These gardens are managed and maintained by a volunteer group. We lease the space from the Borough and operate with a very low budget and little or no cost to the taxpayer. Garden plots are planted for a variety of purposes, from individuals using it to fill their families root cellars and pantries for the winter, to nonprofit groups growing crops to feed the hungry.

More about Somer Hahm's Far North Quilt Trail Project:  The Far North Quilt Trail Project has the capacity to engage many individuals hands on art making through workshops. The spirit of community generated by working together to create a quilt trail will be transformative and special. TFNQTP
is designed to fabricate authentic wonder, engagement and enjoyment through public art. TFNQTP will be the first of its kind in the state, bringing this new folk 
art movement to Alaska.


Total cost of project: $600.00

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Total cost of project: $600.00