3rd Annual Fairbanks Book Flood for Children


3rd Annual Fairbanks Book Flood For Children

Our 3rd Annual Fairbanks Book Flood for Children!! We are fundraising early this year for this giveaway event at the recommendation of our friends at Enchanted Forest Toys as they have advised that orders are taking much longer this year!

Inspired by the Icelandic Yuletime traditions of Jolabokaflod, the " yule book flood", and gifting books on Christmas Eve, we'd like to flood Fairbanks with books for kids this holiday season!

Our 2 Cents Fairbanks Inc. is passionate about encouraging and facilitating early literacy, language and a lifelong love of reading for all! We believe that not only can literacy be encouraged at home and at school, but by our loving community, so let's do it! Let's FLOOD Fairbanks with books this Holiday Season!

With your continued support and the help of our good friends at Enchanted Forest Toys we plan to purchase 225 books for kids ages 5-12 and have them available for FREE in December (date and time TBD). Any child can come and choose from a carefully curated collection of the most magical children's books and take one gorgeous, hardcover home with them.

Enchanted Forest Toys has generously offered not only their time to put this order together but a wonderful donation that will enable us to purchase each hardcover edition at an incredible price! The average price of these books will be $10. Each title will be lovingly selected and books will be quality, heirloom hardcover editions for children to cherish and read over and over again.

It is our dream that funding exceeds our expectations and we are able to purchase more books than planned. Any books over our projected 225, as well as any books not given away during the bazaar, will be donated directly to local nonprofit organizations.

Total cost of project: $2,250

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Total cost of project: $5,000.00